What is included in the course fee?
The course fee includes the course sessions and materials (primarily digital versions), as well as the coffee breaks and participation in all social events.

Do we get printouts of the course slides?
Not necessary! The slides will be available for download during the course. Often the lecturers make changes shortly before and even during the course, so printouts are not likely to be up to date. In case you need printouts, please ask at your hotel reception if they can print for you (at your own cost).

How can I get a better prices for accommodations?
We have special agreements with the hotels where the courses take place. In order to get these special prices, please book your room with the hotel directly via e-mail or phone, and mention the code “WinterSchool2022”. Please note that prices may be up to 30% higher if you use websites like booking.com.

When do I get the course information?
Information including the course schedule, the list of preparatory work, and articles to read in advance will be available in the password protected area of our website by the end of 2021. We will provide you the login accordingly.

Where can I find information about the conditions for skiing?
You can check the following website to check the status of ski lifts and conditions:

I have to cancel my registration. Will the course fee be refunded?
Cancellation must be done via e-mail.
For courses 1-3 (17-19 January), 100% of the course fee will be refunded before 20 December 2021, and 50% if cancellation is received after that but before 10 January 2022.
For courses 4-6 (20-22 January), 100% of the course fee will be refunded before 23 December 2021, and 50% after that but before 13 January 2022.
After 10/13 January 2022, the fee cannot be refunded.

Why do I have to register for the social events?
Some of the events have limited capacity or need some preparation. Registration is especially necessary for dinner on Wednesday.

How do I get IT support?
Our IT team can assist you with installing software or access to the local server, and IT staff will be available in the course rooms from time to time. You may contact IT support via e-mail to it@ispm.unibe.ch. Please note that support is not available for Linux-based systems.

Do we have WLAN in the course rooms?
Hotel WLAN is available in the course rooms. In the B├╝hlstube we will provide a hotspot with limited data capacity. Please note that the WLAN is not very fast, especially when many people access it at the same time. Therefore we ask you not to use it for any private activity!

I am ill and cannot attend my course. What should I do?
You must inform the course coordinator (winterschool@ispm.unibe.ch) and, if you are an SSPH+ student, the coordination office (phdph@ssphplus.ch). Additionally, you need to send a medical certificate from your doctor. Only in case of a serious illness will the course fee be refunded.

I don’t know the 3D Secure code of my credit card. Where can I get it?
You can ask your bank for the 3D Secure code. They should be able to give it to you within a few days.

Are other payment methods accepted?
No. We accept only Visa and Mastercard. Payment by invoice or bank transfer is not possible.

I’m on the waiting list. How good is my chance of getting into the course?
This is very hard to predict and depends on your place on the waiting list. Empirically, the first three persons have quite a good chance. In any case, we will inform you as soon as possible about cancellations. If we don’t contact you, then there is no place available for you.

I’m not yet sure whether it is possible for me to participate. Can I reserve a place?
No, this is not possible. First come, first serve.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us: winterschool@ispm.unibe.ch