Welcome to the 13th Swiss Epidemiology Winter School in Wengen, Switzerland.

The next Winter School will take place from 17 – 22 January 2022, during the week following the International Lauberhorn ski race, when Wengen is calm, with few people on the slopes.

Each of our courses runs over three days and consists of lectures, group work and computer practical sessions. Students stay on site and work hard in the mornings. Then they have an extended break to review course materials, catch up on emails or (more likely) go skiing or snowboarding. They reconvene at 4:30 pm for computer or practical sessions.

We recommend all participants of the Winter School 2022 to come vaccinated to Wengen. It is possible that at a later time, due to official regulations, a vaccination certificate will become mandatory.



Matthias Egger & Marcel Zwahlen
Directors of the Swiss Epidemiology Winter School
Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Bern